What is the Samsung one connect?

What is the Samsung one connect?

Samsung is one of the biggest tech manufacturing companies in the world with a market cap of $499.3 billion. Samsung sold everything from clothes iron, washing machines, refrigerators, cell phones to Tv and even military artillery. Samsung also leads in global market Tv with 33.1% in the last quarter, seeing the market Samsung introduced Samsung one connect box.

Samsung one connect

We all have been there where we have hundreds of cables dangling around from the back of our TV, as we need to plug everything in our TV to display these days, our consoles, Tv Box, media box, Chromecast, and the list just goes on which ultimately becomes a hassle to handle all the long wires and ultimately it creates a big mess.

To handle this, Samsung envisions detaching all these cables and wirelessly connect everything to your Tv, solving our cable management problem with a mysterious box called one connect.

One connect box is a media receiver with a built-in TV tuner and cable management system that can be attached to the back of the Samsung TV allows users to escape from all the nuisance and provides cleaner aesthetics.

one connect box setup

It comes with full HDMI ports with three USB ports, optical LAN, and aerial connection. It almost feels as if all the ports from your back of the TV are removed and made into the individual box, and one very thin cable runs up to them through TV stands and plugs into your TV. Setting up the box is easy when you plug the cable into the box, TV will automatically identify it, automatically setup it and place a cool icon on the dashboard of your TV.

All the device seems to work like cream, and able to deliver practical and effective solution which will surely helps you to get rid of those nasty wires.

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What’s in the new slim One Connect Box

Samsung announced the new version of connect box, calling it Slim One Connect Box. It is now slimmer and more compact than the previous generation of connect boxes, It has more connections, and the ability to attach to the back of the TV.

Samsung in its blog, about the new range of TV sets for 2021, gave a small glimpse about the new connect box, stating it, “an all-new cable management system that can be attached to the back of the tv- allowing easier install and clear aesthetic”.

Slim One Connect Box

Samsung is yet to disclose the specification, but we are hoping to see at least HDMI 2.0, seeing it is now very common in most of Samsung’s TV range these days and HDMI eARC (an enhanced audio return channel) that allow passing audio to the soundbar. We are likely to see slim connect box more prioritized for 8k TVs, and as well as for the new MicroLED series coming this year.


  • 1 x IR Out – Only Available in older one connect Boxes, to connect to IR extender.
  • 4 x HDMI – You can connect to a wide range of visual and audio devices, and one special port is also marked as ARC for audio return channel compatibility.
  • 1 x LAN – connect your ethernet cable to a modem for internet connectivity
  • 1 x Audio Out – used for external speakers
  • 1 x ANT IN – Connect to your antenna cable
  • 1 x Digital Audio OUT – connect to your Home Theatres and other audio systems, which have an optical cable to connect.
  • 2 x USB Ports – Through USB ports you can connect to flash drives, cameras, and hard drives.
  • 1 x Component / AV IN – It is used to connect A/V devices with one connect cable adapter.
  • 1 x One Connect Port – And, finally through this port you can connect box to your TV.
Samsung one connect


One of the biggest drawbacks with all connect boxes is that they don’t come along as standalone accessories. Samsung not explicitly promotes the connect box, as all the information regarding it little difficult to find, which is very less consumer-friendly. To give you a little perspective of the price, last year Samsung was selling connect box with 2020’s Q95T mode, which was retailed a $2,999 for a 65-inch size, which clearly displayed the premium nature of the box.


  • Easily able to manage the cable mess and provide a clean look
  • Don’t have to crawl behind every time to plug anything, instead, you can use one connect box
  • You can easily mount your Tv up on the wall, doesn’t worry about attaching other peripherals
  • It comes with a convenient built-in TV tuner to boot


  • Expensive as it doesn’t come included with TV for free,
  • Doesn’t compatible with every other TV
  • Less durable, a lot of customer complaint that their one connect box simply broke by slipping down the floor
one connect box cable

Final Words

Samsung connect box is one of the conventional devices, as it is easy to set up and use but it is a little disheartening to see its little support and compatibility with the other TV sets. Samsung might be testing it to see the response from the market as Samsung is the only company in the market selling this option, whereas other major brands, nothing doing quite like them.

Samsung clearly sees it as a future product even though they are rolling out it with limited select only. I might not recommend you to get the product yet, as the number of complaints posted by few consumers, that the after-sale support for the product is not viable and if somehow product gets damaged, it’s not easy to replace.

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How to connect your one connect box to your Samsung TV?

  • connect your one connect cable to the back of your TV and then connect the other side of the cable to the one connect box.
  • connect the power plug cord to the box and to other side of the plug into power outlet and your are good to go!

Is it available and compatible with other TV also?

No !! In 2020, only the Q950TS 8K QLED, TU9000 Crystal UHD, and the 2020 Frame (LS03T) models included and are compatible with the One Connect box.

How’s the after-sale support of the connect box?

The after-sale of the one connect box, is not up to the mark as it does not come as a stand-alone accessory so, if damaged it’s not easy to find a replacement.

Are Samsung one connect boxes interchangeable?

No, one connect boxes doesn’t compatible with other TV and comes with limited set of TVs only.

Is Samsung one connect box worth it?

It is a subjective questions, it depends on your need, If you can manage in handling the peripherals and cables, you don’t need it but if you really need a cable to take care all of your wires as mounting TV on wall can be challenging, especially when you have to plug in and out every then other devices.

Is Samsung one connect cable in wall rated?

Yes, one connect box comes with in-wall certified cable with UL approval type OFNP FT6 (NEC, Article 770/UL 1651) the USA and Canada

Where can i buy Samsung one connect box?

You cant buy one connect box separately as it doesn’t come as a stand-alone accessory and it is available for only a few limited TV sets.


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