15 Useful GitHub Repositories Every Developer Should Bookmark

15 Useful GitHub Repositories Every Developer Should Bookmark

I often wondered about the resources I could use to refer to and help me in the process of learning during my journey as a developer. Having good resources such as books, blogs, or even useful GitHub repositories is a convenient and efficient way to master the skill and learn industry standard practices so that not only your application code quality improves but also you grow to be a more seasoned developer.

In this article, we will discuss 10 useful GitHub repositories that every developer should have to learn best practices and patterns used in development.

10 Useful GitHub Repositories For Every Developer


This roadmap.sh GitHub repository provides roadmaps for each developer’s career choice. With massive 213k stars on its repository, it contains the roadmap for frontend, backend, DevOps, and many more. If you get stuck after learning a stack and don’t know what to learn next you can always check here for more guidance.


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Free Programming Books

With an enormous 250k start on its repository, the Free Programming books repository contains all the freely available programming books in one place, all the resources are also available in many popular languages, and you can also get different problem sets, podcasts, and cheat sheets.

Free Learning Resources In Many Languages

Tech Interview Handbook

Everyone knows how difficult is to prepare for any technical interview, not everyone has time to solve 100s of Leetcode questions. Tech Interview Handbook repository contains curated technical interview materials for busy developers. This repository has 79.2k stars.

Tech Interview Handbook

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Coding Interview University

Coding Interview University is one of the most popular GitHub repositories among beginners who are just starting out to become successful software engineers. With massive 235k stars on its repository contains all the to-do list study topics and study plans you might need to become a software engineer at a big company.

Tech Interview Handbook


Awesome with 221k stars on the GitHub repository is one of the most useful repositories for developers! It contains detailed articles on almost all the topics present in the development. From Javascript to Python, Node to Ruby, and even different documentation processes, this repository is a one-stop resource for everything you need!

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Developer Handbook

Developer handbook hands down your one-stop guidance place to learn various topics like most common technical questions, requirements prior to appearing for tech interviews, and best practices for web and mobile developers. This repository has 3.9k stars.

Developer Handbook

How Web Works

How Web Works are a great resource if you want to understand how the internet works behind the scene. With 10k stars on the repository, in a detailed manner, it explains how the moment you type something on your google search engine and hit enter, what chain of events are executed in order for you to see your results.

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Web Development for Beginners

With 57.6k stars on its repositories, Web Development for beginners provides guidance for beginners who are just starting out to become web developers. This repository contains a study plan with notes, a post-lesson quiz, a project, an assignment, and all about JavaScript, CSS, and HTML basics.

Web Development for Beginners

30 Days Of JavaScript

30 Days Of JavaScript is one of the best resources you need to master the JavaScript language. With 27.9k stars on the repository, it is for both beginners and advanced developers too, you also get a certificate after completing all the exercises!

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JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

With massive 152k stars on the repository is a one-stop resource if you are trying to learn data structure and algorithms except for our own Devcript 😉. JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures contain many popular algorithms and data structures explained with Javascript.

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JavaScript30 contains a collection of interactive 30 Javascript challenges, which you can solve and practice, in order to learn various JavaScript DOM methods and how Javascript is used to add functionalities to HTML and CSS. This repository has 21.2k stars.


Design Resources For Developers

As a developer when you need to create an application, one of the major obstacles in the development process is the need for designs, UI graphics, fonts, icons, and much more. Design Resources For Developers with 44.3k stars on its repository is one stop UI and design resource you may need during development.

Design Resources For Developers

Public APIs

Public APIs repositories provide collective lists of free public APIs which you can use in developing official or personal Projects. It contains APIs on various topics like Cats facts to Color scheme generator, Quran API with multiple languages, Data on national, regional, and religious holidays and much more. This repository has 210k stars.

Public APIs

Project Based Learning

If you want to learn and get better at programming through actively building applications, then you need to check out Project Based Learning GitHub repository. This repository has 78.4 stars and contains a list of programming tutorials of different primary programming languages in which you can build applications from scratch.

Project Based Learning

The System Design Primer

With massive 198k stars on The System Design Primer GitHub repository, learn how to design a scalable application so that you become a successful engineer. This repository contains an organized collection of resources through which you can learn the different processes to build systems at scale.

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Final Words

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